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Premium PVC-Free Anti-Slip Grit Tape Range
Durable traction tape on a co-extruded polyolefin base


  • Long term weather-resistant (outdoor weatherboard in tropical conditions)

  • Extended hot/cold temperature cycling tested, mounted on stainless steel
    (12 hr cycles from -15C to +70C)

  • Highly water and shrink resistant

  • Maximum Chemical and oil resistance due to proprietary epoxy seal coat

  • Externally crosslinked solvent borne Acrylic Co-Polymer pressure sensitive adhesive

  • Durable Aluminum Oxide grit anchored to a multilayer co-extruded polyolefin web

  • Available in 24 Grit from stock and other grit sizes by custom order (60, 46,36)

  • Complies with RoHS and REACH

  • Excellent adhesion and removal

  • Available as custom slit rolls, die cut sheets, packaged rolls, log rolls and jumbo rolls
    ( robust packaging for safe shipping ! )

  • Suitable for long term indoor and outdoor applications