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Conformable, Foil Backed Anti-Slip Grit Tapes
For use on rough or uneven surfaces, indoor and outdoor 

Conformable, Foil Backed, Anti-Slip Grit Tape 

  • Ductile Aluminum foil backing for conformability

  • Conforms to uneven, rough or textured surfaces

  • Excellent for diamond plate, concrete stairs, bricks or tiles and steps for ladders

  • Long term weather and water resistance

  • Chemical and oil resistance

  • Complies with RoHS and REACH

  • Excellent adhesion and clean removal

  • Available in 60, 46, 36 or 24 Grit sizes to suit a wide range of traction requirements

  • Available as logs, custom slit rolls and die cut sheets

  • Standard colors are Black, Yellow and Black/Yellow Hazard Stripe

  • Suitable for Indoor and outdoor applications