Products > Floor Marking tape ( PVC ).


  • 20 years of experience supplying North America/Europe

  • Our existing customers have been supplying the major Safety Catalog Companies for years

  • We have long term close working relationship with our Iso 9000/14000 Supplier Factories

  • We enjoy a high level of trust and confidence with our suppliers and customers 

  • Full knowledge of all technical and industrial requirements 

  • Shipping on time, every time, almost zero defect rate over 20 years

  • Applicator for quick and easy application on a large scale

Product :

Self Wound PVC Floor Tape with Rubber Adhesive (No Release Liner)

  • Custom developed low stretch to prevent edge curl during application

  • Economy, RoHS and REACH compliant versions

  • Thickness Range : 0.13mm, 0.15mm and 0.17mm

  • Consistent color matching and printing , batch to batch, order to order 

  • Ability to supply custom slit and packaged rolls or log rolls in crates  ( packaged very well for safe shipping ! )

  • Excellent adhesion and removal